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SolarMax80 modular solar power generator

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SolarMax80 portable solar generator kit. A power pack & 2 x 50W solar PV panel for homes and businesses. Power TV, laptop, fan, oven, etc.

HetoGrow Technology

Lagos, Nigeria

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The SolarMax80 (similar to SolarMax160) is a modular solar generator mini UPS packaged with 50W solar panel charger kit. The decentralised off grid solar power system enables you to generate your own electricity anywhere and make money by selling excess capacity to your neighbours. It can power appliances like LED lamps; phones, fridge, TV, printers, CCTV, security light, charge laptop, etc. Great for use at home, business centre, salon, barber shop and outdoors like camp, beach, outdoor meetings etc. Perfect for work-from-home internet systems, server cooling fans, start-up entrepreneurs, internally displaced persons (IDP) camp education programs, submersible water pump and other portable off-grid electric power needs.
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